There are often many misconceptions surrounding the process and aftercare of tattoo's. Here at Charlie's Ink we aim for absolute clarity to ensure our clients receive the best service and advice throughout the entire process of getting a new tattoo! Here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any other queries or concerns don't hesitate to drop me a message via my contact page.


Does it hurt? 

Lets be honest with ourselves, needles aren’t made of puppy tails and rainbows. In reality everyone deals with pain in a different way.

From a scratch, a bee sting, sun burn and ‘oh this actually feels quite nice‘, I hear a number of different quotations on how my clients have described a tattooing experience.

All I can advise is to relax, have a good bite to eat before you get tattooed and wear suitable clothing to make your tattooing experience as comfortable as possible whether you have a high pain threshold or not! Consuming a sugary snack or drink beforehand will also help.


How much?

The price of a tattoo can vary from £40 pounds to thousands depending on what you actually want.

The studio I work in has a price range of £60 a hour. Which is used on sleeves and larger pieces.

“How much is a sleeve?” Is probably the most common question I get asked, and the answer is… well what do you want?  

The variation between black and grey or colour, as well as simple outline designs and more intricate pieces can have a large baring on price.  

A more intricate sleeve with lots of detail and colour is going to be more expensive due to the hours involved.

I’d say from the sleeves I have done, you’re looking at a starting point of £1000. You don’t have to pay this out at once, but it will be broken up into sessions that fit around your schedule.


How old do I have to be?

You have to be the legal age of 18 to get a tattoo. You will need photo ID upon getting your tattoo (passport or driving licence).


How soon can I get it done?

Feeling impatient and you can’t get your tattoo done with your selected artist for a few weeks due to a waiting list? Never fear! This is a very good thing, it means your tattoo artist is in high demand therefore they must be doing something right!! Always respect the waiting list of a tattoo artist.


If I drink, will it effect the tattoo? 

Feeling a bit tender after a night out and going for a tattoo is probably not the greatest experience you can put yourself through. Not only for how you feel in yourself but for the tattoo artist as thin blood through alcohol or drug intake can make all sorts of issues in creating a tattoo. Ink can be pushed out by the blood,  meaning when it heals the lines or shading come back looking patchy. So if you can please stay away from any drink (or drugs) the night before or during the day of your tattoo.

Please note: I will NOT tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Does colour fade?

Any tattoo can fade if you don’t look after them. The sun is the enemy of a tattoo and whether it’s a week or 5 years old, sun cream should be applied if you are in direct sunlight on a daily basis.

See the old guys with the faded tattoos? Although ink in those days wasn’t as advanced as it is today, the constant sun abuse has made these tattoos spread under the skin.

Colour does react under the sun more than black and grey. Lighter colours such as yellow and orange do fade more than others, but as previously stated, if you look after your tattoos they will look better for longer.

Sun beds are a massive no no for fresh and old tattoos. If you are a sun-bed addict, please put factor 50 on to protect your ink. I have known for fresh colour tattoos to turn luminous through the ultra violet lights from a sun-bed. Eeeeek! Not a great look guys.


How do I prolong the look of my tattoo?

This is an important subjet that deserves it's own page. Click here for Charlie's aftercare advice.

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